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Cooking with Lamb

Cooking with lamb can be tricky. When you buy lamb, buy lamb shoulder, although it may taste a bit gamey, its cheaper than buying lamb sirloin or any other expensive cuts of lamb. Lamb is slaughtered before it reaches the age of 1 or 2, hence any meat from any part of lamb is tender, which is not the case with beef. Hence, you can certainly avoid spending that extra few dollars on buying lamb sirloin, and lamb shoulder (with a little bit of extra fat) will work just fine. Whenever you cook with lamb, when making curry that is, use enough oil, when the lamb curry is done, all the oil floats on the top, and you can skim...

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Ginger & Garlic

Fresh ginger and fresh garlic are used a lot in Indian cooking, especially when cooking with meat. A lot of us find it time consuming to chop ginger and garlic for our cooking. Here are a few time saver techniques:   GINGERGinger can be used with the skin-on, so no need to chop off the skin, just rinse and its ready to use. I use a cheese grater or a box grater to grate ginger directly into the pot while cooking, it saves me time and effort. If you insist on peeling the skin out of ginger, then use the back of a spoon to scrape off the skin, do not use a knife. Using a knife will take out...

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HALWA dessert

Satyanarayan Puja is a house-blessing ceremony that is performed in Indian households (usually Hindus) to maintain the energy balance in the house and invoke positive energies. Food for this ceremony plays an important role, dependent on your budget and cooking abilities, it depends on what you would like to make. I usually cook a lot of food for this ceremony.   Rules: 1) Food must be all vegetarian. 2) Food must be prepared after taking shower/ bath that very same morning, barefeet. 3) Food must not be eaten/ tasted while cooking, you can have any other food but not the food that you are cooking for the ceremony. 4) Food should be served to God first, once the ceremony is...

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White Poppy Seed Paste

One of the questions that I recently came across on my website as HOW TO MAKE WHITE POPPY SEED PASTE?   White Poppy Seed paste is used in exotic rich Indian food. Bengali cooking also uses white poppy seed paste, but for the most part, it is the influence of Mughals that brought the use of white poppy seeds to India. Here is a simple suggestion...   Take1/4 cup white poppy seeds and soak it in 1/2 cup water for 2 hours. In a blender or a food chopper (not a food processor), make a paste of poppy seeds with the water in which it was soaked. If needed, add 1/4 cup extra water. Poppy seed paste is now ready to...

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Gulab Jamuns @ A-1 store

Today, my friend and I went to India A1 on Lee Highway (address: 4815 Lee Highway, Arlington, VA) for lunch. Today being Janmastami, I decided to get some sweets (Lord Krishna's birthday). They suggested Gulab Jamun that is made in the store itself. Gulab Jamuns are deep fried milk cheese balls and dunked in a semi-thick sugar syrup.    I have always complained on my blogs that Indian restaurants in USA do not do a good job with Gulab Jamun, as it is a skill that is not acquired as easy as these chefs think it can be. Today, I had my best Gulab Jamun in USA. It is above average when compared to Gulab Jamuns in India, but I...

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