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Make This Delicious Mango Parfait This Summer

During the summer season, I make this alphonso mango parfait for breakfast. Ensure that the granola is not sweet, or else this parfait will end up a lot sweeter than what you want. I usually make 3 containers, so I am set for a couple of days. If you cannot find alphonso mango puree, you can use fresh mango puree.

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Mango Ice Cream - We Are Ready For This Summer Treat!

I kid you not, but this is the best mango ice cream you will ever make. In my 21 years of being in the United States, I have not come across a single brand of mango ice cream that comes close to this recipe, and someday, I hope to make this for you, but until then, here is the recipe :)

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Alphonso Canned Mango Pulp Is a Great Way To Make Your Indian Mango Desserts

Mango Pulp Alphonso is the king of all mangoes, and mangoes are the king of all fruits, which makes Alphonso the emperor of fruits! Ask any immigrant Indian here in the United States, and when it comes to food, we all miss our Indian mangoes. And no, the Latin American mangoes are no comparison.

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