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Holi - Festival of Colors

Holi is a popular Hindu festival. It symbolizes the victory of good over evil and the eternal love of Lord Krishna (an avatar of Lord Vishnu) and Radha. In this two-day festival, the first night is when Hindus burn an evil effigy and pray to the supreme Lord Vishnu. It is an ode to having faith in life and that the divine Lord is the creator and protector of all. The evil symbolizes ego, and the burning of the effigy symbolizes the destruction of the ego. The second day is when everyone plays with colors and enjoys good vegetarian food.

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Zucchini is a versatile vegetable, learn how to buy, store, and cook

I was introduced to zucchini when I moved to the United States in the year 2000. I was amazed at the versatility of this cucumber-like vegetable. This vegetable has been a part of my diet ever since. Especially helping me with weight loss when I replace rice with zucchini. The only thing that I am not a big fan of is using zucchini pasta. Something feels so wrong about it.

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