About Rupen's

Here, we make Indian cooking simple for you, our CUSTOMER!

Many people find making Indian food at home to be time-consuming and
complex, here, we make Indian cooking simple by providing you with delicious gourmet Indian curry sauces.

Our 'just like home' curry sauces bring you the same delicious, authentic and traditional Indian cuisine flavors to your kitchen that you would find back home. 

Made from all-natural ingredients, our sauces do not contain any preservatives or artificial ingredients. Our research team carefully selects each ingredient that goes into creating our sauces. We use the best quality ingredients that we can obtain and simmer our sauces for a long time. This ensures that you, our customer, receive that same authentic and traditional flavor that you would expect during your travels to India.

We hope you enjoy our creations, and we promise you to always bring the best of Indian cuisine.

Happy Cooking!



It is a brainchild of Rupen Rao, an Indian cuisine entrepreneur residing in Washington, DC (originally from Mumbai, India). He has taught Indian cooking for almost two decades, and has dedicated his life to making Indian cooking simple.