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Chicken Paprika

Chicken Paprika is a great dish to cook on a busy weeknight. Just mix in our red chili paste (Tambda) with some chicken, toss some vegetables, and bake. Adding potatoes makes this a complete meal. We used chicken legs for this recipe as the dark meat holds better for a longer duration of cooking.

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Kandoo Spiced Roast Chicken

Roast Chicken is everyone's favorite. It makes for easy, healthy, weeknight cooking, and the variations are endless. In this recipe, we apply our spicy barbecue marinade, Kandoo, to chicken legs and bake it in the oven. It makes for a delicious weeknight dinner. The spices in our Kandoo marinade contain everything that you will need. Serve it with some white basmati rice and lemon wedges, and dinner's ready!

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Chicken Pistachio Korma

Our Korma curry, representing the color of moonlight, is of Persian influence and is inspired by the Awadh region of India. It is a smooth and creamy masterpiece that infuses hints of star anise and cloves in a buttery coconut base to punctuate any meal. It is Rupen's Korma creamy almond coconut curry. Our Korma Curry is ready to use straight out of the jar. Saute meat or vegetables, add curry, simmer for a few minutes, and your curry is done! One jar is sufficient for one lb of meat or vegetables.

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