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Picnic Chicken for Memorial Day

Celebrate Memorial Day with a sensational Picnic Chicken recipe that pays homage to the flavors of summer and is perfect for a patriotic feast that honors the spirit of the occasion. Our Spicy BBQ Marinade (Kandoo) makes it easy to prepare this dish. Serve alongside a refreshing pasta salad and your favorite adult beverage for a memorable Memorial Day picnic experience that captures the essence of summer flavors.

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Arabian Chicken & Rice (Kabsa)

Chicken Kabsa, also known as "Kabsa" or "Majboos," is a traditional Middle Eastern dish that is popular in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries. It's a flavorful and aromatic rice dish typically made with long-grain basmati rice, tender chicken (often on the bone for added flavor), and a blend of spices. Here is a recipe for Chicken Kabsa, made with our products.

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Soy Keema Wraps

This soy keema recipe is a delicious and nutritious vegetarian alternative to the traditional meat-based keema, packed with protein and rich flavors from the spicy marinade. Adjust the spice level according to your preference and enjoy a satisfying vegetarian meal for four people!

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