Make This Delicious Mango Parfait This Summer

During the summer season, I make this parfait for breakfast. Ensure that the granola is not sweet, or else this parfait will end up a lot sweeter than what you want. I usually make 3 containers, so I am set for a couple of days. The recipe below reflects the same. 
Once again, the container of alphonso mango puree comes to the rescue. This is just one of many ways that you can add mango to your diet. If you cannot find mango puree, you can always puree fresh mangoes, and that will do the trick.
Sometimes, I would add a pinch of ground cardamom to the yogurt mango mixture, just another way to get the good effect of spices in your body.
mango parfait breakfast
4 oz plain Greek yogurt (preferably low-fat)
4 oz Alphonso mango pulp
1 cup granola
1/2 mango, diced
In a small mixing bowl, mix yogurt and mango pulp. Set aside.
Take 3 ramekins, and using a spoon, add the yogurt mixture equally in each of the ramekins.
Add 1/3 cup of granola to each of the ramekins and spread it over the yogurt.
Finally, top off each of the ramekins with diced mango. Refrigerate for a couple of hours and serve.
Note: You can prepare this recipe ahead of time, and when refrigerated, you can consume it within a week.

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