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Make This Delicious Mango Parfait This Summer

During the summer season, I make this alphonso mango parfait for breakfast. Ensure that the granola is not sweet, or else this parfait will end up a lot sweeter than what you want. I usually make 3 containers, so I am set for a couple of days. If you cannot find alphonso mango puree, you can use fresh mango puree.

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How to make the best Mango Lassi

Mango Lassi is a mango smoothie from India. India produces a variety of mangoes. The brutally hot summers in India call for mango based drinks. Traditionally, Lassi is a popular yogurt drink. It can be a sweet or savory yogurt drink. When sweet Lassi is mixed with fresh mango pulp, it is Mango Lassi. YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYnlUZgTpK8&t=4s    The key ingredient in Mango Lassi is the use of Alphonso mango pulp. Alphonso mango is the king of all mangoes. You can find Alphonso mango pulp in a can at Indian grocery stores or on Amazon.     Ingredients 1 can Alphonso mango pulp, typically this can is 1 lb and 14 oz 2 lb can of plain whole milk yogurt 8 green cardamom pods Instructions Place a...

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