Tandoori-style Grilled Halloumi Cheese Salad

Tandoori-style Halloumi Cheese Salad
A delicious picnic recipe - robust halloumi cheese is marinated in our Tandoori marinade and served on a bed of seasoned salad (store-bought is fine).
Serves: 3-4

1 lb Halloumi cheese, chopped in 2 inch wide and 4 inch long rectangles

1/2 bottle of Rupen's Tandoori Marinade

4 large servings of store-bought Spring salad mix, or any other, or make your own, chopped


2 Tablespoons of Rupen's Smashed Jalapeno Paste (Thecha)

2 Tablespoons good-quality olive oil

Pre-heat your grill at 350 F.
Baste the halloumi cheese pieces with the tandoori marinade, or apply the marinade on the cheese using your hands.
Skewer the cheese cubes (4 on each skewer) on 10 inch skewers.
Apply oil on your grill so that the cheese pieces do not stick.
Place the skewered cheese on the grill. Cook on 2-3 minutes on any two sides (or until you get clear deep grill marks on the cheese).
Meanwhile, prepare the dressing and spread it on the salad, toss. 
Divide the salad in 4 equal portions.
Remove the cheese from the skewers (carefully) and serve 4 grilled cheese pieces on each serving of the salad.

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