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Plant-based Meatless Burgers vs Traditional Burgers - Who Wins This Race?

There are so many plant-based burgers (meatless) in the market. Impossible Burger and Beyond Burgers, both meatless, are now available at corporate chains all over the United States. While it is great to find a substitute for a meat burger, are these burgers really healthy? Let's check.

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Our Eggplant Chutney Makes This Impossible Burger Delectable (and it is vegetarian!)

Eggplant is bland and boring, and it needs a good amount of flavoring to make it delectable. Our eggplant chutney is made with smoked spices and eggplant. It gives a nice smokey flavor to this burger. Roasting of eggplant along with spices provides more flavor to the eggplant, resulting in a delicious burger.

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