Plant-based Meatless Burgers vs Traditional Burgers - Who Wins This Race?

Impossible Burger Beyond Burger Plant-based Meatless

There are so many plant-based burgers (meatless) in the market. Impossible Burger and Beyond Burgers, both meatless, are now available at corporate chains all over the United States. While it is great to find a substitute for a meat burger, are these burgers really healthy? Let's check.

Plant-based burgers have been in the market for the past 20+ years (when I moved to the United States). Morning Star, Sunshine, and other brands always sold their brand of plant-based burgers. However, these burgers did not mimic the look, feel, and taste of meat, and this is when Impossible Burger and Beyond Burger come into this picture. For this conversation, we call them 'meatless burgers.'

We have compared a few popular brands of meatless burgers (Impossible Burger, Beyond Burger, 365 Whole Foods Meatless Burger), and this is what we conclude:

  • Meatless burgers do provide a good source of protein. Similar to what a meat burger would provide.
  • Sodium content in meatless burgers can sometimes be three times higher than a traditional beef burger.
  • Meatless burgers are highly processed.
  • Meatless burgers have a similar amount of fat content and definitely a lot more fat in them when compared with a lean turkey burger.
  • Meatless burgers tend to be quite expensive, sometimes double the price.
  • Meatless burgers are definitely better for the planet, but perhaps not for us. We recommend eating meatless burgers as frequently as you would eat a regular burger. It is a treat.

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