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Satya narayan puja receipes

All recipes are to be made that day itself, not the day before. Once you wake up early morning and bathe, that is when you start cooking.Sheera / Sooji Ka Halwa - I have another post for this one, start with this recipe.Shrikhand - Flavored yogurt, I have another post for this one.Chawal / Bhaat / White Basmati Rice - I have another post for this one.POORI / PURIIngredients2 cups whole wheat flour + 1/4 cup wheat flour, for dusting2 tablespoon oil + 4 cups oil for deep frying1 teaspoon saltInstructionsIn a mixing bowl, knead a firm dough with half cup warm water, oil, salt and flour. Pour water slowly, if you need to add more water, do so, but...

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HALWA dessert

Satyanarayan Puja is a house-blessing ceremony that is performed in Indian households (usually Hindus) to maintain the energy balance in the house and invoke positive energies. Food for this ceremony plays an important role, dependent on your budget and cooking abilities, it depends on what you would like to make. I usually cook a lot of food for this ceremony.   Rules: 1) Food must be all vegetarian. 2) Food must be prepared after taking shower/ bath that very same morning, barefeet. 3) Food must not be eaten/ tasted while cooking, you can have any other food but not the food that you are cooking for the ceremony. 4) Food should be served to God first, once the ceremony is...

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