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Turkey Masala with Cranberry Pilaf

Pulao is the Hindi word for pilaf or flavored rice. This pulao recipe is an ode to the fall weather. We make this pulao with fragrant white basmati rice, seasonal carrots, saffron, white basmati rice, and garnished with cashew nuts and raisins sautéed in ghee. We serve this rice dish with leftover turkey that we have warmed in Rupen's Masala curry sauce.

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Curry Cranberry Relish

Curry Cranberry Relish is best when served warm or at room temperature. This dish is a good complement not only to your traditional Thanksgiving menu but also a great way to eat with your leftovers. Be it a turkey sandwich or warmed-up turkey meat, serve this relish alongside, and you will reminisce the great time you had at your Thanksgiving dinner while enjoying these leftovers. You can even warm up this relish and top it with good quality vanilla ice cream, or sprinkle some butter and oatmeal and bake this for a few minutes, and serve it with ice cream (leftover Relish Crisp).

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