Ensemble - SANCHIT (संचित)

Ensemble - SANCHIT (संचित)

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"संचित" (SANCHIT), meaning 'collection' in Hindi, is a collection of all our curry sauces that comes beautifully packaged in a gift box. Indulge in India's rich, authentic flavors with Sanchit's Curry Sauces. Our meticulously crafted sauces are a harmonious blend of time-honored recipes and culinary excellence, designed to transport your taste buds on a journey to the heart of Indian cuisine.

  1. Zesty Tikka Masala Curry (TIKKA MASALA)
  2. Fiery Madras Coconut Tomato Curry (MADRAS)
  3. Intense Vindaloo Garlic Vinegar Curry (VINDALOO)
  4. Savory Spinach Curry (SAAG)
  5. Velvety Creamy Curry (MAKHANI)
  6. Home-style Delight (MASALA)
  7. Creamy Almond Coconut Sauce (KORMA)
  8. Sweet and Spicy Asian-Style Sauce (TENGA)
  9. Fresh Herb and Coconut Curry Sauce (KONKAN)
Savor the tradition, relish the quality, and experience the true essence of Indian cuisine with Sanchit's Curry Sauces. Elevate your meals and turn every cooking session into a culinary masterpiece, thanks to the authentic flavors of Sanchit's Curry Sauces.

    Our sauces are ready to use straight out of the jar. Saute meat or vegetables, add sauce, simmer for a few minutes, and your curry is done! One jar is sufficient for one lb of meat or vegetables.