Lamb Chops in Green Mint Chutney


Lamb Chops are quite popular in summer. This is an easy recipe and a sure hit. If you plan ahead, then you can always marinate lamb chops in the chutney and then grill it. Also, serving the sauce on the side is entirely optional. Like in all simple recipes, good quality ingredients is a must. Enjoy!



4 lamb chops

1 teaspoon salt

1 Tablespoon mint chutney (see recipe below)

1 teaspoon oil


For the sauce:

1/2 cup fresh mint leaves

1 1/2 cups cilantro (along with it's stalk), roughly chopped

1/2 cup red onion

1/4 cup plain yogurt

2 Tablespoons ginger root

1 teaspoon garam masala



In a medium-size mixing bowl, add lamb pieces along with salt and lemon juice. Apply salt and lemon on all sides of the lamb chops and set aside.

Meanwhile, make the sauce in a good quality blender, you will need to add some water to run the blender and blitz the ingredients, but try not to add more than a quarter cup of water. 

Dip lamb pieces in the chutney and marinade covered and refrigerated for 4 hours, if possible.

When ready to cook, preheat oven at 400 F and heat your grill. Place lamb pieces on the grill and cook each side for 4 minutes. Place lamb chops in the oven for 15 minutes off cooking.

Meanwhile, if you have any leftover chutney, you can bring it to a boil over medium heat and serve it as a dipping sauce. Enjoy!


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