Cooking with Lamb

Cooking with lamb can be tricky. When you buy lamb, buy lamb shoulder, although it may taste a bit gamey, its cheaper than buying lamb sirloin or any other expensive cuts of lamb. Lamb is slaughtered before it reaches the age of 1 or 2, hence any meat from any part of lamb is tender, which is not the case with beef. Hence, you can certainly avoid spending that extra few dollars on buying lamb sirloin, and lamb shoulder (with a little bit of extra fat) will work just fine.

Whenever you cook with lamb, when making curry that is, use enough oil, when the lamb curry is done, all the oil floats on the top, and you can skim off the excess oil. Lamb usually cooks after 90 to 120 minutes on low heat, so take your patience pill and let lamb cook in its own juices taking its time, trust me, there is nothing like perfectly cooked lamb falling off the bone and melting in your mouth.I prefer bone-in lamb, and ask my butcher to chop it in 4 inch pieces for me. Lamb will shrink and some of it will melt and reduce, so start cooking with atleast 4 inch pieces bone-in or 2 inch boneless cubes.

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