About Rupen



I am Rupen Rao and I live in Washington, DC. I am originally from Mumbai, India.

Everyday in Mumbai, my mother rolled out chapattis, fried dosas, and pressed homemade paneer cheese. While she made those dinners, she unwittingly made her son into a chef. Recipes like hers inspired me. But they could also intimidate friends in my new hometown of Washington, DC.

I’ve changed that. My mission has been to take classic Indian cooking, and adapt it to our day-to-day lifestyle here in the United States.

No long lists of ingredients to get lost in, and no need to schedule hours of time to prepare a meal; gourmet or otherwise. With my help, the Indian food you crave at restaurants will be accessible from your kitchen.

The audience for my recipes, blog posts, and classes, include cooks at every skill level. So dive right in. I have included tips and short-cuts that help simplify the instructions. And once you’ve mastered a recipe, I encourage you to make it your own.

I have a line of cookbooks and spice blends to help cook you Indian food in your home kitchens without the hassle of finding exotic ingredients. My products are available at select stores in the Washington, DC metro area, and are also available on my website.

Be creative with the ingredients. Your taste for the delectable is unique, and the art of cooking–Indian or not–is finding what makes your dishes yours.