Recipe Books

Welcome to my world of Indian Recipe Cookbooks. Over the years, I have written 3 cookbooks on Indian cuisine. These cookbooks contain traditional recipes with authentic flavors and are written keeping in mind, the American home-cook.

INDIAN COOKING FROM MY MOM - My first cookbook, I wrote this book as an ode to my mom, who is my sole inspiration. This book contains memories from my childhood and recipes from my family. It is a beautiful compilation of Indian home cooking.

POPULAR RESTAURANT DISHES - My second cookbook, in this book, you will find recipes that you have enjoyed at Indian restaurants. From Butter Chicken to Samosas to Naan, this book will help you cook restaurant quality Indian food within the comfort of your home kitchen.

AYURVEDA COOKBOOK - Ayurveda (Ayu is life, Veda is knowledge) is a 5000 plus years old ancient traditional science of living. It is an introduction to vegetarian Indian cooking based on the principles of Ayurveda. This book takes the reader on a journey of Ayurveda, dosha (body type) questionnaire, and vegetarian Indian recipes based on one's body type.

My cookbooks are a gift that keeps on giving. All cookbooks are Made in the USA. Happy Cooking!