WASHINGTON, DC - Indique May 17 2017

I hope you all had a great weekend and enjoying a great start to your Tuesday morning…

I wanted to share my experience at Indique in Cleveland Park. I had a business meeting and decided to go there. This location is one of the flagship Indian restaurants of Washington, DC and has stood the test of time for years. I heard that there has been a change in the chef, so I thought it would be a good idea to try the place.

The ambience at Indique and Indique Heights (now closed) has always been great. The artwork on the walls, their hospitality, and selection of wines has always been good. It was not my first time here, so I was pretty aware of what I was going into. The place is big and at 7 pm on a Wednesday night, there were about 12 people at the restaurant for the time we were there (until 830ish).

My first item – Mango Lassi. It was sweet and sour, it was good, but maybe the yogurt was not strained and that is why the whey made it sour?

The menu has changed a little bit in each section. I’ve noticed a new element on the menu called a 'FUSION' dish. It sounded interesting so we ordered one - Aachari Chicken Paratha Taco. Looked very much like a twist on a Kathi Roll, which I can appreciate. The flavors were okay but it was quite difficult to pick up and eat without making a mess. The paratha (or “taco shell” in this case) was very small for my liking but the highlight of this dish was the subtle hint of Indian pickle (which are spicy, oil and super salty – nothing like the American pickles for patrons who may not know).

We then ordered Garlic Naan, which was amazing! A nice big naan, perfectly rolled with a ton of garlic – YUM! Curries were ordered next, of course. We selected two distinct curries - Kerala Fish Curry and Butter Chicken.

Kerala Fish Curry was a bit bitter. There was a lot of red chili flavor and color, but more coconut would have cut the bitterness from the spices. Rice and puttu (coconut and rice preparation) accompanied the fish curry, which is a traditional breakfast item in Kerala. Not an easy dish to prepare so kudos to the chef for perfectly executing the puttu. While the curry was okay, the cod pieces were succulent.

I was more disappointed with Butter Chicken. All my life and in all my classes, I always make sure to stress to patrons that the key ingredient in Butter Chicken is not butter nor chicken, but it is dry fenugreek leaves. And I did not see that in this dish. It tasted decent, but it was not done right.

Overall, Indique is pricy with curries that are okay. Also, they charge for a chutney sampler. If I am paying $95 (with tip) for a two-person dinner, I would expect better curries. Feel free to learn more about Indique at indique.com