Location: Washington, DC

Ambience: Casual, Bolllywood, Cafe

Price Range: Inexpensive

Seat Availability: Weeknights are better, early or late dinner. No reservations accepted.

Parking: Street parking

Metro accessible: Yes, Columbia Heights (Green & Yellow lines) is the nearest

Website: http://www.bombaystreetfood.us/




Opened in 2019, Bombay Street Food caters of street foods of Mumbai (formerly Bombay). The cafe-like ambiance and small (relatively) plates of casual Indian street food at an inexpensive price is what you can expect from this restaurant. The food and the portion size is decent, somewhat spicy, 2 street dishes per person shall suffice. Overall, for the most part, it is authentic, but some dishes lack identity and are not what we get back home. It is a suburban Indian cafe cum restaurant in the city.



I am staying in Columbia Heights for the weekend, and I decided to try out the newly opened BOMBAY STREET CAFE with my friend.

The place at 8:30 pm on a weeknight (Thursday) was almost packed. The cafe-like ambiance makes this place small with limited seat options. The service is super friendly, I would like to believe that the owner and the staff are from Nepal, and not from India.

Mango Lassi is the first thing we ordered, it was really good, but not chilled. You must order it.

For dinner, we decided to order 5 dishes (a bit too much), we could have ordered 4 dishes and that would have sufficed. We ordered all the dishes from the 'street' side of the menu, although they have curry, rice, biryani options too. The food overall is quite spicy, and I do not believe they cannot tailor the spiciness for you. Food is served on steel plates and that is cute. Just like back home.

Vada Pav is a fried potato fritter ball in a bun. The bun is store-bought dinner roll and is quite doughy. You will see the same bun used on all the dishes that involve a bun. Too many carbs! This is a good dish to try out. The bun is smeared with butter and chutney and the fried potato fritter is placed in between. Tasty!

We also got Misal Pav, which was nothing like what we get back home so I suggest not ordering it. Pav Bhaji (by the time this, I should mention that Pav is bun), is a spicy mashed vegetable curry with bun. This is another item that you can order.

Chicken Tikka Roll was nice and hot but not very tasty. It is a bit disappointing. And the most disappointing dish was Chicken Manchurian, which is from the Indian Chinese menu. Indian Chinese food is quite popular in India and I was glad to see it on their menu, but the dish was a crossover between Orange Chicken and Tomato/Soy Sauce. Utterly disappointing.

Food is B-

Service is B+