Baltimore, MD - AMBASSADOR September 02 2013


Location: Baltimore, MD

Ambience: British Empire-style Indian, Family Dining

Price Range: Moderately Expensive, Good Value for Money

Seat Availability: Easy

Parking: Street parking, moderately difficult

Metro accessible: No


Worth it? YES



As my friend said, this restaurant is a hidden gem in Baltimore. Ambassador Dining is located inside Ambassador Apartments. Decent food, great ambience, cool, and classy. There is even verandah (outdoor) seating. This is an ideal location for family dining, corporate dining, and of course, dates. Service is excellent and the price is moderate. I would highly recommend the weekend buffet lunch.



Very rarely do I drive to Baltimore to try out new restaurants. Ambassador had been on my list of Indian restaurants to try for a while. Be warned though, the restaurant is difficult to find, especially if you are not familiar with the Baltimore area. It is located within the first floor of Ambassador apartments. It’s a unique location, very classy, British Empire-style Indian decor, quiet, green, even includes a water fountain in their verandah with seats...I would make a trip here for the scenic beauty, let alone the food!

I ordered mango lassi, unusually yellow but on of the best mango lassis I have had in a long time, I highly recommend it. My friend got Punjabi chai, which was quite creamy (Punjabi style) and sweet, but good, I could smell the cardamom in the chai as he sipped it.

The buffet had vegetarian, as well as non-vegetarian, options. The names were besides each dish...patrons might get confused. Salads and chutneys were good. We had Aloo Tikki, which was very nice; it is a sautéed potato cake with chickpea sauce on top. I really liked their Shallow Fried Fish, a must-try if you love seafood.

Chicken entrees were abundant in the buffet - Chicken Tikka, Butter Chicken, Chicken Salad, and Chicken Vindaloo. They were all average and I must confess that Chicken Vindaloo was poorly prepared.

Vegetarian dishes included creamy Dal Makhani (well prepared); creamy Saag Paneer (decent) served with white basmati rice and naan. The Naan was greasy, but good.

For dessert, we had Rice Pudding (Kheer), it was amazing! However, it could have been better if it had nuts and raisins. Surprisingly, they had good chocolate cake, which was nice to try, and I finished over decaf coffee, which was also good.

This is one place you can go to for your first, as well as last, meal of the day. For a buffet at $15, I highly recommend this place.