Location: Chevy Chase, MD

Ambience: Fine Indian Dining, Traditional Indian decor, Family Dining

Price Range: Moderately Expensive, Best Value for Money

Seat Availability: Easy

Parking: Street parking, little difficult to find a spot

Metro accessible: Yes, Friendship Heights metro.

Website: www.IndiqueHeights.com

Worth it? YES




Indique Heights is an above average restaurant with a over the top ambience. Curries here are exceptional and so are appetizers. Breads and Desserts are average at best, and for such a beautiful ambience and high quality ingredients they use in their food, I would think they need to work on accompaniments. More of a North Indian fare, needs more spice (not even enough for the average American), and certainly a bit more salt...if not, there should be salt on the table.




Last night, I was invited to a birthday party at Indique Heights, an Indian restaurant conveniently located near Friendship Heights metro, right on the border of Maryland and Washington, DC.

The restaurant is quite large. It has a beautiful lounge with a traditional Indian jhula (swing), including outdoor seating, indoor seating, bar seating, and 2 private dining rooms. We were seated in a private dining room. Price for a party of 20 or more was quite reasonable, $35 for the entire evening plus $14 for an open bar throughout the evening. Gratuity and taxes were separate.

Drinks were tasty, good quality alcohol was used, and a good play on their Martini selection, enough to qualify for an upscale gay Indian bar.

From the STREET SNACKS / APPETIZERS section - We ordered Samosa Chaat, Bhelpuri (puffed rice krispies with chutney), and Chicken Hariyali Kebab. Samosa chaat was tasty, but the chicken kebab could have been more flavorful. Bhelpuri was delicious, the flavors were perfect, sweet and tangy, and the presentation was beautiful. I have had so many bhelpuris in India; I Indique Heights’ food was definitely comparable. They all came with extra chutneys: green chutney, tamarind, and lemon pickle.

We had an array of entrees for our main course. Chicken Tikka Masala here is perhaps the best I have had in our city; the  chicken pieces could have been grilled a bit more. It has a nice creamy sweet texture and not overtly spiced, and it is a perfect combination with other spicy dishes.

Saag (Spinach), Bhindi (Okra), and Paneer (Indian cottage cheese) dishes at this restaurant are delicious, not very spicy. I would suggest selecting from one of these dishes. Good job on the mild curries!

Lamb curry was, at best, average. We were expecting it to be spicier, since every other dish was mild hot. Dal Makhani was good too, but nothing special. It usually helps to smoke Dal Makhani, but they don't do it here.

The breadbasket we ordered was average: Naan, Roti, and Kulcha. Breads in Indian cuisine are one of the highlights, so they need to do a better job on breads. Same thing with rice, it could have been fluffy and the grains could have been longer.

For dessert we ordered Ras Malai and Gulab Jamun. Ras Malai was delicious but the Gulab Jamun was below average. I have yet to eat Gulab Jamun at an Indian restaurant that tastes satisfactory. I would prefer a canned gulab jamun bought from the Indian store over theirs. Also, I was not able to find a dessert menu online.