Location: 5430 Gurley Ave, Dallas, TX - 75223

Ambience: Hindu Temple

Price Range: Inexpensive

Seat Availability: Readily available

Parking: Street Parking

Website: http://www.radhakalachandji.com/about-us/kalachandjis-restaurant.html



It is a Hindu temple, vegetarian and lightly spiced food is served here. It is a Krishna temple, run by ISKCON. Wonderful ambience, delicious food that is cooked with good quality ingredients. Certainly a great place for the spiritually inclined.


Earlier this year, I happened to visit Dallas and Austin, TX for a weekend. I was in downtown one morning, when I decided to go to a Hare Krishna temple I happened to spot. Upon entering to worship, I found out that the temple had a restaurant that served vegetarian Indian food. To my surprise, there were quite a few people who were standing in line for a buffet lunch at this temple that morning. Of course, I could not pass up the opportunity to explore this restaurant’s cuisine! The lunch was delicious and the ambience was beautiful. Till date, it has been one of my most memorable meals in the US. You do not have to be a follower of the Hare Krishna movement to eat at their restaurant.

Hare Rama Hare Krishna movement has followers all around the world. You can find more information on the movement on the internet. Apart from the customs and traditions, the food at their temples all over the world is well known to be very flavorful. The food is prepared according to Ayurvedic philosophies, and it is always vegetarian, heavily dairy based, and mostly fruitarian. The food is made with the best ingredients and cooked in Indian clarified butter (ghee), which perfumes every dish with its flavor.

Since it was a Sunday, they had their ‘All You Can Eat’ buffet at the restaurant. The buffet had salads, soups, lentil soups, vegetables, rice, breads, and a special drink that is perhaps a creation of the temple cooks. The drink was iced tea lemonade with a twist. I liked it. What I liked even more was once you get your food, you enter an area, which is known as the VERANDAH, it is an enclosed open space where everyone sits to eat. They have the sound of birds chirping in the background, water flowing, and it immediately transports you to your verandah back home in India.

The key thing to note about food in this temple is that it is all lightly spiced, made in ghee and vegetable. Here, you will not find exotic Indian curries that are made with a ton of ingredients or any spicy hot Indian curries that often burn your mouth. Instead, food here is pleasant and simple.

There are a couple dessert choices here. I remember having a Blueberry Halwa, which is a confluence of blueberries (not very Indian) with semolina pudding. It was delicious, just what I needed then after my meal. The servers, if I am not mistaken, were from all over the world, and some of them wore Indian clothing. It was a very Indian atmosphere, very typical to Hare Krishna temples.

Right outside the restaurant, within the temple itself, they sell holy books on the Krishna movement. They have a couple of good Indian vegetarian cookbooks if you are a vegetarian and looking to cook Indian food.