DC - RASIKA August 05 2013


Location: Washington, DC

Ambience: Modern, Corporate

Price Range: Expensive

Seat Availability: Extremely Difficult

Parking: Street parking

Metro accessible: Yes, Foggy Bottom is the nearest

Website: www.RasikaRestaurant.com




Ranked #1 Indian restaurant in the US and perhaps in the top 10 restaurants in the country overall. If you are in the Washington, DC area, then you must check this restaurant off your list. RASIKA caters to mostly upper crust and corporate crowd. Flavors here are relatively mild, perhaps catering to the western palatte. However, Indian cuisine is full of bold flavors, our spicy food is spicier, our desserts are sweeter, our tangy food is tangier...however, not at RASIKA.



One of the most popular restaurants in Washington, DC (non-Indian restaurants included), Rasika has two locations. I visited Rasika's West End location sometime in July, 2013.  I had to make my reservation for a weeknight dinner about 22 days in advance and they were able to fit my friend and I in for an 8 pm slot. I heard that Tuesday nights are a bit slow, so you can try your luck then.

The Rasika West End location has a modern and corporate ambience, catering to modern cuisine lovers and a corporate crowd. The Rasika location at Penn Quarter is just a bit more on the traditional side.

Rasika has a lot to offer,, they do a great job of covering the entire Indian cuisine, which I might add is quite the commendable feat..  Not only that, but each dish is unique in taste; not too greasy or creamy. You  leave full, but not uncomfortable. Each of the dishes are clean and well prepared.

We had Cauliflower Bezule, Paalak Chaat, and Karwari Shrimp for appetizers. The 'Paalak Chaat' is the most famous dish at Rasika. I have observed other restaurants adding the same to their menu. It is a deep-fried lightly spiced spinach dish topped with yogurt and chutney . We checked it off of our list, and it was, as expected, pretty good.

For the entree, we got Manglorian Chicken Curry and Fish Manga, both delicious. I am a big fan of Manglorian food, so the chicken curry was my favorite. You must go for the Bread Basket; it has a good variety and is certainly filling for two people.

I found the Goan Bebinca quite interesting. I don't think I have ever had this outside of a Goan restaurant in India, therefore that was good to try. My favorite was Apple Jalebi with Cardamom Ice-cream. Nice hot jalebi with cold ice-cream is a mouth-watering combination!

Wine selections may confuse you, but the staff is there to help. The manager even remembered my name and stopped by to chat with us, excellent customer service!

The restaurant is pricey, so I always reserve this restaurant for special occasions. When visiting Washington, DC you must try to reserve a seat at Rasika for sure!


Thank you RASIKA!