SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Taj Campton Place

Campton Place Restaurant is housed in the iconic Taj Campton Place Hotel located in the heart of Union Square. It is located at 340 Stockton Street, Located on the corner of Stockton & Sutter.

It is a Modern Indian meets Californian cuisine Michelin Star restaurant that received 2 Michelin starts for 2016. My friends and I decide to visit this restaurant and try out it's creation.

Cuisine: Modern Indian

Ambience: Formal Dining


As you would expect from a Michelin star restaurant, the service was exceptional. The staff attended us well and treated us with great care. Overall, this place is a must visit. The service is exceptional and so is the food.

I went for the Spice Route Pre-fix Menu. Before the meal, we were served with mini Naans and a series of appetizers. We had regular naan, and we had quinoa naan, which was quite unusal but very good. Naans were perfectly cooked, although something tells me that they do not have a charcoal fired tandoor to cook their naan.

For the the main course, we had a wonderful paani poori that was served in a small pot plant, with dry ice on the outside, extremely pretty presentation, and unique. Paani poori is a traditional Indian classic street food, and I had never seen such a presentation. The vegetable curries were all very good, and I  must say that the vegetarian spice route menu is far better than the ones with meat. Although the meats were perfectly cooked, there is something about Indian food, that it has to be served with a curry, and not using curry as a side on the dish. I highly recommend grilled mushrooms served in banana leaves with coconut rice. That was my favorite dish for the night.

After the palate cleanser, we were served with a mango sorbet, mandarin sorbet and chocolate ganache, and all of them were amazing. We were left full and delightful after our scrumptious meal, so thank you Taj Campton!