WASHINGTON, DC - Rasika West End (Sunday Brunch)

This past weekend, I went to Rasika in the West End, which is perhaps the number one Indian restaurant, not only in DC, but in the entire United States.

Sunday brunch is a concept that Rasika has recently added to their menu. It is a limited selection of curries and other items including Appetizers, Entrees, Breads, and Desserts, with Tea and Coffee. The array of options is clean and simple.

I ordered Crab Poha as my appetizer. Poha, a flat rice dish lightly spiced and made with potatoes, cauliflower, or green peas, depending on the region. It is light and dry, usually with some coconut. The one I had at Rasika was made with crab; I thought it was an excellent idea to pair crab with Poha. The dish was liquidy and served with a green chutney. The presentation was great, and even though I would have liked a garnish of cumin seeds and curry leaves in my Poha, the dish tasted really good.

I ordered the classic Coconut and Jaggery Pancakes for my entrée; however, the result was quite disappointing. I was presented with 3 regular cocnut pancakes, within which there was a layer of jaggery. It was garnished with caramel sauce and berries. I would not recommend this dish.

We ended the meal with some coffee at Rasika, which was simple and nice. The service is excellent, they take good care of their customers.

Thank you Rasika.