ANNAPOLIS, MD - Basmati April 21 2015




PHONE: 410.266.6355


This past weekend, I went to Annapolis, MD. It was a mere one-hour drive from Washington, DC and surprisingly in the past 10 years, I had never been there before. I absolutely loved it! On my way back, I decided to try out this popular Indian restaurant called Basmati, which is the name of the highest quality rice grain that India produces.

The restaurant is located away from downtown Annapolis. The smell of curries reached the parking lot as I was trying to park my car. The ambiance was great; it seemed like a Punjabi family owned the place. Staff is very friendly and attentive as soon as you enter.

The restaurant was busy since it was Saturday night, that’s why it look a little longer than usual for them to bring out the dishes. The menu, to say the least, is elaborate. There are too many dishes that one has to quickly look over, the menu runs into 5 or 6 pages.

There is no thali (a steel plate that contains various dishes and bread, rice, and sweet), but they have a good option for half orders. I went for a half order of Chicken Vindaloo (medium spicy), Chicken Xacuti (medium spicy), Potato and Spinach (spicy), and Punjab Yogurt Kadhi (spicy). All the dishes were good, especially the Chicken Xacuti, which is a Goan dish, and for a Punjab restaurant owner to nail it was pretty awesome!

The breads were good too, we got Mint Paratha and Lachcha Paratha, they were both good, not overtly buttered, nice and flaky, warm and fresh. Loved it! For dessert, we got Gulab Jamun, which I think was made from a store-bough pre-mix and was absolutely disappointing, I would not recommend it here.

Overall, a good experience. B+ for ambiance and B+ for food.

Thank you Basmati!