VIENNA, VA - Turmeric Indian Dining March 24 2015

405 Maple Avenue East

Vienna, VA 22180

(703) 938 0100


This past weekend my friends and I tried out a little Indian place called Turmeric in Vienna, VA. The ambiance was nice; they had pleasant seating and quick service. The waiters and staff were very friendly.

The menu here is a pretty standard menu that one shall find at any average Indian restaurant, nothing special about it. We got Samosas and Grilled (Tawa) Shrimp for appetizers. The Samosa was good, not double fried, not greasy; however, the appetizer, though filling, was not flavorful and had almost no salt. The shrimp dish was bland, and somehow the sauce was not blending well with the cooked shrimp.

The entrees were 'mathematically' done, perhaps engineered in a way that you can order any meat or vegetable with any sauce. This, I certainly have a problem with. Each sauce is specially designed for a specific meat- by merely adding any cooked meat to any sauce, the result will be disappointing.

One of the dishes we ordered was Chicken Tikka Masala. The sauce did not stick to the meat, and the meat was not grilled enough. The sauce was too sweet and not creamy enough. The Cauliflower and Potatoes vegetarian dish was nice and spicy, although the onions could have been cooked a bit more.

We ordered Garlic Naan, which was yummy, and Tandoori Roti. The Tandoori Rotis were dry and too thin, they could have been a bit thicker. 

I give a B- for the food and B+ for ambiance.

Thank you Turmeric!