Washington, DC - INDIGO January 29 2015


243 K Street, NE

Washington, District of Columbia

(202) 544-4777

Indigo DC is a small family run Indian restaurant near Union Station, DC. They do not have a website, only a Facebook page. The menu seems like it changes on a weekly basis. It is a great place to pick up lunch on a weekday. At least, that’s what I did!

The ambiance is Bohemian made Indian. It is cute, with a ton of graffiti on their walls, map of Jalandhar (the town where the family is from) and some other artsy stuff. Bollywood movies and music play on a couple of television sets as you enjoy the lunch.

 The food is good quality. They do not serve naan, instead they serve authentic parathas and rotis, with some creations like spinach parathas, my favorite!

The menu is hand-written on a blackboard using chalk, and the menu is rather confusing. Chicken Tikka is not the same dish as Chicken Tikka Masala; my coworker got confused and he was quite disappointed when he realized he had ordered the wrong dish.

Portion size is decent and it will fill you up with a bread, rice, and a couple of curries. The lunch is pretty expensive. Cheapest were $11- $12 dishes, without bread, so if you want bread and rice, you will end up spending $18 with tax, and maybe $20 with tip. This is pretty high for lunch.

The array of chutneys and Indian pickles are fresh and tasty, what a delight!

 Overall, a good place, but the menu needs to be simpler and the dishes need to be cheaper, for a lunchtime crowd that is. Afterall, the restaurant is in a corporate jungle.

B+ for the food, and B+ for the ambiance.


Thanks Indigo DC