Istanbul, Turkey - MUSAFIR INDIAN

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Istanbul, Turkey

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During my visit to Istanbul, Tukey, I had the opportunity to try out the newly opened 'Musafir', located in Taksim Square (a popular tourist destination in Istanbul). <br /><br />


Because I had been feasting on various Turkish specialties throughout my trip, I decided to go for a simple dinner at Musafir (Musafir in the Urdu language means 'guest') The restaurant owner is from Punjab, one of the northern states of India. <br /><br />


The ambience is like any other mid-range Indian restaurant in the US. Bollywood songs played in the background and the seating options included both indoors and outdoors tables. The restaurant seemed packed (even at 10 pm on Sunday night); however, Istanbul nightlife begins and ends late into the night! The restaurant owner knew a lot of the people who stopped by, adding a nice personalized touch. <br /><br />


I ordered a vegetarian dish with potatoes and spinach (aloo palak). I was pleasantly surprised that there was no cream in the aloo palak, which is a good indicator of an authentic recipe. The spinach was pureed perfectly and the portion size was good for one person. I ordered it to be spicy; it could have been a bit more spicier. I also ordered tandoor roti (grilled wheat bread) and garlic naan. The breads were good, I could detect the Turkish style of preparation. They were a bit bigger and flatter, but yummy!  <br /><br />


The service was excellent, and the owners were quite pleasant to talk to and took good care of their guests.
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B+ for ambience, A for service, A for food. <p></p>

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Thank you Musafir Indian!