Toronto, ON - BINDIYA

Bindia Indian Bistro


16 Market Street, Toronto, ON

(416) 863 0000


I spent my weekend in Toronto, Canada trying out the local cuisine. What better way to get taste of the culture than by sampling the food! My friend and I decided to try an Indian restaurant, so we looked up the reviews online and found Bindiya (which means a dot that Indian (Hindu) women wear on their forehead). This Indian Bistro is located in the historic Market Street area right in front of St. Lawrence Market.

To know if a place is hygienic, you can usually start with the bathroom. The bathrooms at this restaurant are beautiful, super clean, and hygienic. I got a good impression of this place.

The lunch menu is short and simple. We ordered Chana Masala (Spicy Chickpeas curry) with white basmati rice and mango chutney. We also ordered Butter Chicken with Naan and Raita.

We asked the meal to be medium hot, yet it was slightly spicier than medium hot, so be careful with that! Presentation of the meal was beautiful. Chickpeas and rice were just like mom's cooking at home. Talk about tasty! The mango chutney was store-bought, not a big fan of that. Butter Chicken was great, except that the chicken pieces were a bit too big and it was difficult to cut through in a curry. Naan was made well, but since they may not have a charcoal oven (Tandoor), the Naan lacked the smokey ethnic flavor.

For dessert, we ordered Gulab Jamun (Brown milk balls in sugar syrup), which, when served warm, are spongy and super flavorful and sweet. Perfect! Along with this dessert, we ordered Carrot Pudding; fondly, they call it Gajrela, which is a Punjabi name for Gaajar Halwa. It could have been sweeter. Both the desserts were served with a super good quality vanilla ice-cream, St. Claire's. The restaurant does not mention this on their menu, but they source their ingredients from the world famous historic St. Lawrence Market. They should probably make a note of this fun fact on their menu!


Thank you Bindiya!