Pittsburgh, PA - ALL INDIA

Recently, I was in Pittsburgh, PA for a friend's wedding. We after the festivities, we decided to order in some Indian food from All India Restaurant.

We ordered a vegetarian meal (usually in Hindu weddings, meal is entirely vegetarian) consisting of samosas and chutneys for appetizers. The Samosas were good, flakey and not very greasy. The potato stuffing inside was flavorful and not too spicy, which was good. The tamarind chutney was just average; however, their green chutney was fresh, and I really liked it. It had cilantro and mango, as well, for a bit of flavor. The mango flavor was quite unique.

For the main course, we ordered Chickpeas curry, Okra with onions and bell peppers, Matar Paneer (Green Peas and Paneer in a creamy tomato sweet sauce), Vegetable Biryani, and Raita. The Okra dish was tasty but greasy- they could have done with less oil. The Vegetable Biryani was good, but since the restaurant used ground spices, none of the flavor stood out in the dish. Raita (yogurt sauce) with the Biryani was good. The chickpeas dish was the highlight of the meal, and it tasted delicious! Spicy, tart, and flavorful, it was done pretty well. The Matar Paneer had no Paneer that I could find, but the sauce and petite green peas made it flavorful.

The Naan was disappointing, I mean, really disappointing. So was the dessert - Gulab Jamun. Gulab Jamuns (brown milk balls dunked in super sweet sugar syrup) are not easy to make. When I ate a couple of them, the syrup had not permeated the thick milk balls, making for a dry bite.

Overall, a very average meal.

Thank you All India!