Philadelphia, PA - TASHAN


777 S. Broad Street

Philadelphia, PA - 19147



Tashan is a fine dining Indian restaurant in Philadelphia, PA. While visiting a friend recently, I decided to check out this acclaimed restaurant.

The ambience here is the perfect blend of what modern India looks and feels like. The décor is impeccable, and even the bathroom is beautiful. Since it is fine dining, I would suggest business casual attire or eveningwear at this restaurant.

The menu offers a variety of popular dishes, as well as a good number of exotic dishes. It is interesting that each dish comes to you well-crafted and served in a unique manner. This restaurant definitely gets an A for presentation. It can very well be compared to fine dining Indian restaurants in New York City.

My friend and I decided to order a few dishes (that is what they suggest, like tapas). About 2 or 3 dishes per person will be plenty. There is also a choice of chef's dinner, wherein you get 3 dishes and bread.

For our drink, we ordered Mango Lassi; it was good, it tasted different than most other mango lassis that I have had, but it was a very tasty drink.

The first dish that came to us was Tandoori Shrimp, it was a HUGE dissapointment. The shrimp was bland, lacked flavor, and it was accompanied by flavorless cashew semolina. I began to wonder if the remaining part of the meal would follow suit. Along with it came Salmon Tikka, which was well done, and it tasted delicious, but still lacked the 'oomph' factor.

We ordered Chicken Makhani, it was extremely tasty, a bit on the sweeter side, but the addition of cashew nut puree made it even rich and delicious. It was my best dish at this restaurant. We ordered Tandoori roti also, it was very well done.

Finally, we ordered Vegetable Biryani, which was good and spicy. A good amount of Paneer cheese made this biryani even more special.

A for the ambience, A- for the food. Would I go there again, YES! There are a lot of dishes to try out at this restaurant!



Thank you Tashan!