San Francisco, CA - GAJALEE


525 Valencia Street

San Francisco, CA 94110


Gajalee is an Indian restaurant on Valencia Street in San Francisco, CA. Valencia street has many Indian restaurants and Gajalee happens to stand out since it offers coastal Indian food (seafood curries from the coastal regions of India). Gajalee is not in any way related to the famous Gajalee restaurant in Mumbai, India, which also happens to specialize in coastal Indian food.

While at Gajalee, I ordered Solkadi, a coconut milk based sour Indian drink that is often had with coastal fish curries. It helps with digestion, and it gets its pink color from 'kokum', which is a tropical sour fruit. Solkadi here was made from canned coconut milk, not good! When making solkadi, you want to squeeze coconut milk from fresh coconuts.

For the entree, I ordered fried fish and their most famous curry, Malvani curry. Both the entrees were extremely delicious and perfectly made. I was very happy after my meal. 

The waitress (from Nepal) was quite friendly and chatty. She spoke at length about how difficult it is for them to source specific fishes from India for their restaurant, and that they try to do their best but sometimes the fishes are not available.

Overall, they do a great job with their dishes. I would definitely go there again for my meal the next time I am in San Francisco.

A for service and A- for food!

Thank you Gajalee!