Arlington, VA - AROMA

Aroma Indian Restaurant

4052 Campbell Avenue

Arlington, VA - 22206


Aroma is an Indian restaurant that located in Shirlington (near Arlington) in Virginia. They serve traditional Indian food, for dine-in and take out.

Recently, my friend and I went there for a Sunday afternoon buffet. The buffet was priced for $13, quite moderately priced for a decent buffet.

I sampled Naan, Saag Paneer (Spinach with Indian cottage cheese cubes), Butter Chicken, Mushroom curry, and the Indian pickle. Naan was well done, I really enjoyed it, and it was not greasy or thick.

The best part of the buffet was the Butter Chicken; it was buttery (not creamy), spicy, the chicken was tender and sweet...I had 2 helpings of it :)

The spinach saag was nice, although the paneer cubes were dry and tough. They could have put the paneer cubes in hot water and added sauce. They may have been hard because they were sitting in the buffet for sometime. Anyhow, it was a decent dish.

The unique thing on the menu was their Mushroom curry. The curry consisted of Button mushrooms with thinly sliced onions and an onion seed sauce (spicy and tangy). The dish that was very well cooked, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Rice was plain and over-salted. The dessert was Gulab Jamun (brown milk balls dunked in sugar syrup). They were freshly made and soft, although they could have been slightly less warm, I had 2 and my friend had 7 :)

The only thing that I would suggest here is that they do not call the tea ‘Indian Masala Chai’, as they carry Black Tea, which is different. It takes a bit of effort to make Masala Chai, but since their restaurant is good, they should accomodate it!

B+ for both food and ambience!

Thank you Aroma!