Columbia, MD - ROYAL TAJ March 12 2014

Royal Taj

8874 McGaw Rd,

Columbia, MD 21045


Royal Taj is located in Columbia, MD, in between Baltimore and Washington, DC.

While I was visiting close friends in DC, I happened to stop by at this restaurant. The restaurant has a unique decor, trendy, yet traditional. It is a Punjabi restaurant run by Punjabis; the decor speaks for itself.

I was there at 7 pm and the place was packed, and by the time I finished eating, it was 8:30 pm and people were still waiting in line to be seated. This is quite a popular place in the area!

The staff is quite friendly, customer-oriented, and greets you well and makes you feel special. This is something quite distinct about this particular place that I really liked that.

Since I had had a big lunch, I tried to eat less and ordered special dishes on their menu, Vegetable Rolls fried and served in a creamy sweet sauce (Malai Kofta). They were very well made, a bit spicy, but definitely special and the sauce was perfect. Along with the creamy sweet dish, I ordered Chicken Vindaloo; it was quite spicy, a bit different than what I have usually had. They need to add more vinegar to their could have been more authentic.

For breads, I ordered Tandoori Roti (wheat Naan, if I may) and Aloo Paratha (spiced potato stuffed in wheat bread); both were decent. The paratha could have been more flavorful. Aloo Paratha is in fact a specialty of Punjab, I would expect the preparation to be a bit better.

I did not order dessert, but like all patrons, I was given a free dessert: one piece of Gulab Jamun. The syrup was well done, but the milk ball was not completely cooked from the inside.

I would rate A- for the ambience and atmosphere and B+ for food.

Thank you Royal Taj!