Richmond, VA - FAROUK'S HOUSE OF INDIA February 22 2014

Farouk's House of India

3033 West Carry Street,

Richmond, VA - 23221


On my recent trip to Virginia, I happened to stop by Farouk's House of India, a popular restaurant in Richmond.

The restaurant has a simple ambience; owned by Punjabis on a busy street, it has been around for more than 30 years. Talk about being a popular eatery!

My friends and I ordered the vegetarian appetizer platter. The Samosa was double fried, therefore greasy and darker than usual. This is my most common complaint from Indian restaurants in the US. The best part of the platter was the pakoras and the onion bhajis. They seemed to have added a tiny bit of sugar in the batter, or the sweet flavor may have come from the onions. Overall, very tasty, I would definitely recommend the pakoras and bhajis.

For breads, we ordered naan (which was semi-cooked, hence doughy) and cauliflower parathas (being a Punjabi restaurant, this was perhaps the best paratha I have had in the US).

For entrees, we decided to go with a vegetarian fare; Punjabi dishes such as Matar Paneer, Malai Kofta, and Aloo Gobi were tasty, but dishes that were not Punjabi (such as Undhiyo, which is not only non-Punjabi but very difficult and time consuming to make), were below standard.

We skipped dessert.

Overall, a decent restaurant, I would definitely go back for their parathas and Punjabi dishes.

Thank you Farouk's House of India.