Tandoor Char House

2652 N Halsted

Chicago, IL 60614


Tandoor Char House in Chicago, IL is a restaurant that serves Indian and Pakistani cuisine. The restaurant is popular for its Tandoori selection (food cooked in an Indian charcoal-fired oven called Tandoor). Though, in the US, the oven is not actually fired by charcoal, instead it is fired by gas, as are most other restaurants.

The owner is friendly and so is the staff. Service is excellent. I was there with a bunch of friends during lunchtime one Sunday afternoon, the restaurant was full and the staff was still friendly and accommodative with smiles.

We started with the usual Indian drinks, I tried Mango Lassi. I must say it was one of the best Mango Lassis I have had in a very long time. My friend tried the Sweet Lassi was and said it was decent. While we were waiting for our Tandoori platter (appetizer of grilled shrimp, chicken, and lamb on a sizzle plate), we were given aachar (Indian pickle). It was a cabbage and carrot pickle, very tasty and fresh. They also displayed it on their website; this was the best dish at the restaurant! Samosas here are double fried; I found them to be over-fried and greasy, black-brown in color, and parts of them were burnt. I would not recommend the samosas at this restaurant.

The Tandoori platter was mild, bland, and the restaurant uses a ton of food color, which is not very healthy; even in the main dishes, there was a lot of food color, which, in my opinion, is never a good thing.

For the main dish, the lentils were nice; they had a good consistency and were not very spicy. The spinach and paneer dish was my favorite; it was tangy and well cooked. The other vegetarian dish we ordered was Paneer and Green Peas; it was not very good, it should have been sweeter and less creamier. The lamb curry was nice, although it seemed like the lamb pieces were not cooked along with the curry, but just mixed in at the end right before being served.

A peculiar dish called Frontier Chicken sounded interesting, but was not worth it. Greasy, dry, and just bland- avoid this one.

The restaurant does a good job with their naan, not with the paratha (parathas are quite greasy and bland, again). The breads are huge. Portion size here for almost everything is fairly large, so be sure you ask for to-go boxes!

We did not try any desserts. We were full; in fact, it was my first and last meal for the day!

Overall- great service, decent food.


Thank you Tandoor Char House!