10 W Hubbard, Chicago, IL - 60610



Vermilion is an Indo-Latin fusion restaurant in downtown Chicago. The owner also has another location in Manhattan, NY.

The idea of creating a fusion of Indian and Latin flavors seemed unique, challenging, and quite interesting. I wanted to check this integration out for myself! The ambience is modern and classy, this would be a great place to bring someone on a date. The blood red color of vermilion and black and white photographs of Indian actresses and models adorn the restaurant. This creates a lovely feminist touch.

The restaurant seemed empty but was full by dinner-time. The waiters and the concierge were extremely helpful. We decided to spend sometime at the bar, where we got Ginger Martinis (non-alcoholic beverage of Cucumber and Lime Mojito and wine), all was good!

For appetizers, we were served corn fritters (spicy) and cold cauliflower soup, both out of this world! (kudos for that) The waiter seemed extremely knowledgeable about the ingredients that went into each dish and that was very helpful.

For the main course, we ordered a Tiffin (Indian lunch box, like Bento for Japanese), a Thali (elaborate Indian dinner plate) and a fusion dish of Portuguese Lobster. The tiffin was quite disappointing, the salad was not enough, the naan bread was soaked in the water from the vegetables that were placed on it. Overall, this portion of the meal was not that great. However, the chimichuri sauce and the yogurt mint sauce were both delicious. 

The Lobster Portuguese is a must-try, I would definitely not call it fusion, but it is a great dish. The Thali had butter chicken, which was very tasty, chickpea curry, which was tasty, as well, but dry, and coconut rice, which was not good at all. The naan bread was below average, where as the roti (wheat bread) was perfectly prepared. The kidney bean curry of the Thali was tasty.

Overall, the restaurant has a great ambience, super friendly waiters, and a great selection of Indian food. The fusion recipes (for which the restaurant stands out) were quite disappointing, and so was the naan. Indian restaurants are known for their breads, so the naan here needs some work.

A decent experience, and yes, I would go back!