Charlottesville, VA - MILAN January 31 2014


1817 Emmett St.

Charlottesville, VA 22901


Milan is an Indian restaurant located in Charlottesville, VA. There is a wide array of Indian restaurants in Charlottesville; however, I was told that this is one of the better ones. The restaurant is conveniently located in the downtown area, making accessibility easy for visitors and students. I happened to be there for their Sunday lunch buffet.


Restaurants in Charlottesville offer great food at quite a reasonable price. I live in Washington, DC, so eating out in Charlottesville seemed quite inexpensive. One should always tip their waiters just a little bit extra when this is the case!


The ambience at Milan is good, it’s bright on the inside due to large windows. It is colorful, and gives an impression of a decently modern, yet traditional Indian eatery. There is no music playing in the background (thank Goodness for that!)


The buffet here has a large spread. For starters, I tried their chutneys and their chickpea chaat. They were all good, had medium hotness, and had a good amount of salt. I recommend the chickpea chaat for starters.


The Naan that they make here is quite good, I was definitely impressed.


For the main meal, there was a lamb curry and chicken curry. I tried the Chicken Mushroom curry. It was mild, flavorless, and lacked taste. Their vegetarian dish of Matar Paneer (Indian cottage cheese and green peas) was extremely creamy and quite bland. I was disappointed by both the curries. My friend regarded the lamb curry in the same way.


The highlight of our meal was the Chili Chicken (an Indian Chinese dish). It was greasy but extremely flavorful. I highly recommend this dish.


Their Chicken Biryani lacked flavor as well, not enough salt and quite mildly spiced. I understand the need to cater to non-natives, but non-natives usually want to experience Indian flavors, so why would one to go a restaurant with such mild flavors?


For dessert, the restaurant offers a couple of fusion items such as Strawberry Mousse (my friend suggested Mango Mousse instead since Strawberry Mousse is far from being Indian). For dessert, we both tried their rice pudding; it was nice and cold (although it was 32 F outside, we tried not to complain. Suggestion: they could offer a warm rice pudding for the wintertime). The rice pudding did not have enough cardamom, but did well on the sweetness and the consistency.


Finally, for a buffet, their service is quite good. Overall, a decent experience. Not having been to other Indian restaurants in Charlottesville, VA, I give this restaurant an A for ambience and service and a B for their meal.


Thank you Milan!