San Francisco, CA - KASA

Kasa is a small Indian eatery located in the heart of Castro, San Francisco, CA. It is frequented by visitors of the Castro neighborhood.


The limited seating allows for a fascinating view of the bustling world passing by as you munch on your favorite Indian delicacies.


The owner, Anamika, an extremely friendly and warm person, was kind enough to explain to me the concept behind their simple menu and a little bit about Castro. Visitors familiar with Castro stopped by to say hello to her while I was in the eatery.


The menu here is quite simple, you pick a Kathi Roll (Indian wraps) or Thali (Traditinal Indian steel plate with various dishes in it). Instead of getting all the dishes in a Thali, the eatery offers you a choice of adding as many or as little items as desired on the Thali. I thought this was a great idea for one to create his or her own portion size! By default, the thali comes with 2 dishes.


Partially owned by a North Indian/Punjabi, the menu is entirely North Indian: Chicken Tikka Masala, Lamb Curry, Paneer dishes, and a couple of vegetable dishes.


For sides, there are some good choices : samosas, veggie salad, raita, rice, and lentils. They also have Indian beverages such as Maaza mango drink and Indian sodas, along with regular sodas.


While I was here, I tried the Masala Chai. It is quite difficult to get Masala Chai at the level of perfection found in India, yet this particular eatery does a terrific job. Perhaps, it was the best Masala Chai I have ever had in the US!


Though I did not plan my visit to Kasa, (I was just walking around Castro when I bumped into this place), I thoroughly enjoyed my experience!


If you are ever in Castro, Kasa Indian eatery is a must!



Thank you Kasa!