The Kati Roll Company

99 Macdougal St (Macdougal St Between Minetta Ln & Bleecker St)  New York, NY 10012


Kati Roll Company is an Indian snack eatery that specializes in flatbread rolls that are filled with tandoori meat and/or vegetables, not to be confused by paratha, which are stuffed Indian flatbreads. This eatery in Manhattan is a to-go place to grab a quick bite on a busy day.


Kati rolls are semi-flaky bread made from white flour. Grilled meat or vegetables, along with thinly sliced onions and fresh chutney are placed in the center of the bread, which is wrapped and served. This is special snack dish from the Indian state of Bengal.


While looking like a hole in a wall with barely 12 people, the Kati Roll Company is always flooded with a line of eager customers!


The rolls are delicious and fresh, and the service is fast and unpretentious. The eatery is quite warm even on a cold wintry night owing to poor air-conditioning and the hot plates, and the tandoor that keeps adding heat to the eatery. 


There are various kinds of Kati Rolls - Chicken Tikka Kati Roll, Paneer (Indian cottage cheese) Kati Roll, Spiced Potato Kati Roll, and Spiced Lamb Kati Roll. Each of these is wrapped in greasy, all-purpose flat breads along with cilantro chutney, onions, and some chaat masala (a spice mix that gives a tangy flavor, usually added to savory dishes).


You can get Mango Lassi or any other soft drink (you have to pay extra) to go with your Kati Roll. For $10 or less, this is a great place to satisfy your hunger for a spicy Indian treat.


Thank you Kati Roll and Company!